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Fishing Gear: Magic Products Preserved Suckers

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(September 16, 2022) —

Magic Products Preserved Suckers

Description and Application: Magic Preserved Suckers are an irresistible treat for catfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, and other large game fish. The real, natural baitfish come scented in anise oil in a 4-ounce pack. The laminated pouch is resealable, and refrigeration is not required, making for easy and convenient storage. With Magic Preserved Suckers in the tackle box, anglers don’t have to worry whether live bait is available or allowed.

Staff Perspective: Pike and bass love these things in my neck of the woods, especially while ice fishing with tip-ups. The larger profile is unique for a preserved bait, and it smells especially attractive—at least the way I’d assume a fish smells food. Plus, I love that it comes in a resealable package and doesn’t require refrigeration—that’s ultra handy.